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Gig Translation Services



Briefly Describe my Gig:



English to Chinese (simplified /traditional )

 I help bloggers share traveling experiences, business story or idea in Mandarin Chinese.

One of my short bilingual articles for your reference.

            About me :



Specializing in

Finance & Economy
Culture & Art


Scope & Pricing:

7 Day Delivery
1 Revision within 30 days
Up To 1000 English Words
Pricing: USD$30



* I only accept Microsoft Word file
* Manual translation
* Satisfaction guarantee
* I reserve the right to reject objectionable content
* All documents and personal info absolutely confidential
* Translate after receiving payment


Manually translate 1000 words from English to Chinese.
Short translation of a short text, such as a blog post, a letter or an e-mail.
Please leave a message via my contact page : 


Please contact me for availability for any specific request such as simplified or traditional, formatting, etc. before you place the order.


Your support is greatly appreciated.


Translation service fee

Translation service for your traveling experiences, business story or idea. * From English to Chinese . * Up to 1000 English words.














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